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Business Discovery Assessment





Business Discovery Assessment

The EC Business Discovery Assessment is a critical component of our coaching process. It provides for a mutual introduction, and gives us a thorough snap shot of you company.  Before we accept any coaching client, we required that you go through this assessment. We are not interested in just taking your business to earn a buck, we are committed to proving value to you. This assessment will ensure that we understand your business needs, and that we can meet your expectations for coaching & consulting.

Often our assessment and feedback can help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in startup cost. We specialize in helping business owners from startup to  two years. Statistics show that the first two years in business are the most critical, and our mission is to provide you the coaching, resources and connections that you need to be successful.

Our two hour business discovery assessment is a very interactive session. We ask lots of questions and exchange dialog to make sure that we both understand where you want to take your business. The assessment sessions are one-on-one, and focuse totally on you and your business. We roll up our sleeves, get on the white board, and go step-by-step through key areas of the business, starting with your mission and vision.

Assessment Components

Our business assessment may cover any of the following components. Each assessement will be unique, based on the need of the client.

  • Review Mission & Vision
  • Review or Plan Supply Chain Process
  • Review or Plan Target Market Strategy 
  • Review or Plan Business Infrastructure
  • Review or Plan Lead Mangement Process
  • Review or Plan Sales Process
  • Review or Plan Customer Retention Process
  • Review or Discuss Reputation Marketing 
  • Complete S.W.O.T Analysis
  • Complete Break-even Analysis

Upon completion of the assessment, you will have a road map and instructions on where to go next. At which point, you can move forward with a coaching plan with us, take on the task yourself, or hire someone else to implement your strategy.

Regardless of what road you select, upon completion of the assessment, we want to make sure that you have a clear path for meeting your goals.  

The cost for the assessment & report is $99

You can setup your Business Discovery Assessment today, by clicking the link below.