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Coaches & Professional Services Bureau


EliteConversations.com Coaches and Professional Services Bureau


Benefit #1 - Listing in our Coaches Directory - MyCoachingNetwork.com

The EC Coaches Bureau Directory will be used by our clients to find a coach to help them with their coaching and training needs.  As a member of the EC Coaches Bureau, individuals will be able to find you via several search options, including name, business and area of expertise.

Being a part of our directory will give you another channel of exposure for your brand and services. It is also another way for you to earn extra income.

From our directory, individuals will be able to request a Free 15 minute consultation. They can also hire you after the consultation period. The cost for coaching is $50 for every thirty minutes of coaching beyond the consultation period.  The commission for each coach is 80% of the total cost of the coaching session. *Note: You have to be an active member in order to stay active in the Directory.

All consultations and coaching appointments are managed and coordinated by the ECCN scheduling team. We will communicate with both the client and the coach prior to setting the appointment.

Benefit #2 - EC Coaches Bureau Virtual Program

All of our coaches are virtual. This opens up the possibility for you to serve clients throughout the US. 

The Virtual Coach status is for all experts who want to take advantage of our low price option. 

This plan was created for coaches who cannot take advantage of the services provided through the "Plus" and "Premium" plans because of their home location.

This is our most cost effective pricing plan.

Potential clients who are interested in your coaching service will be able to go to the EC Coaches Directory to learn more about you. They will also find you via our Monster Wall of Knowledge, where we list the areas of knowledge and the experts that are available to them.

As a EC Virtual Coach, you will be able to provide up to a 15 minute consultation. You will also be eligible to get hired to provide coaching and consulting for a fee per each 30 minutes of service.

Benefit #3 - Feature Appearance On The EC Unplugged Internet TV Show

As a member of the EC Coaches and Professional Services Bureau, you are eligible to appear on Elite Conversations Unplugged Business Show hosted by Darrell C. Spears.  This is a one-on-one interview style show, which will allow you to tell your story, discuss your activities and events, and provide expert knowledge to our viewers. One of the benefits is that you will be able to provide information about your product and services, as well as how individuals can reach you.

Each month we list the dates and recording times for the show.  Members can sign up for available dates.  We record up to four shows for each recording session, so we have a wide range of times to meet your schedule. We also do recordings on weekends.  Please keep in mind that because of the demand to get in on one of our recordings, our lead time for getting on the show is about 5 weeks.  So once you become a member don't hesitate to schedule your interview date.

Note: Other than a special invitation, you must be a Plus or Premium member in order to be eligible to be a guest on the Elite Conversation Unplugged Business Show.

To view some of our previous shows, click the YouTube button below.

Thank you for taking your time to explore all of the services and offerings that we have to offer. We know that there are a lot of opportunities and offers out there, but we hope that you see the value in being a member of the EliteConversations.com Coaches and Professional Services Bureau.

We hope that you see these features as a benefits to your brand and more importantly to your business.  We would love to have you in the EC Coaches Bureau. We know that you will be a big asset to use, and we know that we can be a big boost to you and your company as well. Our two packages are below, we hope that you will sign up today, so that we can start now to help you take your business to the next level.