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Welcome To The EliteConversations.com Coaches Bureau!!

Founder, Elite Conversations Coaches Bureau

At EliteConversations.com, we feel that we have create unique service to meet the needs of our client base. Statistics show the numbers and over and over Corporate Executives and business owners have expressed the importance of getting quality coaching to increase productivity and expand their business growth potential.

The EC Coaches & Professional Services Bureau is designed so that any business owner or professional can have the opportunity to get quality coaching.  Although business owners realize the benefits and importance of coaching, especially in the startup stage, most of them have very little money, if any in their budget that is dedicated to coaching.

Need A Business Coach?

EC Coaches Bureau provides outstanding benefits to our clients:

Diversity and Flexibility - You will have access to a network of coaches who can address specific needs that you have.

Value For Your Dollar - The fee for services from EC Coaches is hands down, the lowest in the industry.

You Have The Control - You now have the control. You select coaches based on their knowledge as opposed to their name recognition. This allows you to focus on need as your #1 focus.

No Long Term Commitment - Coaching at EC Coaches Bureau is $50 per 30 minutes. You are not tied to one coach, which gives you even more control of your training needs and your budget.  For example: One day you might want to hire a tax expert for 1 hour of coaching, and the following week you may want to hire a Social Media Expert for 2 hours. You only pay for what you need, and you are getting coaching from experts in each specific area. That is unique in the coaching industry today.

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Become A Business Coach

The EC Coaches and Professional Services Bureau was created to give coaches, speakers, authors and industry professionals another platform to promote and market their business.

EliteConversations.com has a major presence among business owners throughout the East Coast. Through our events & workshops we have developed a very strong community that we provide services for.

The EC Coaches Bureau was designed to enhance the level of exposure for our clients. Because of our network we have the ability to get our coaches & professionals in front of thousands of potential clients throughout the year.

We also have the tools and services to help them expand their branding and give them more exposure to the general public.

If you are a business coach, trainer, speaker, author or industry expert, please consider the EC Coaches Bureau. We have fantastic services, and you can become a part of an extraordinary community for experts and professionals.

We believe in providing value to our clients, so for only $39.99 per month you will receive the following benefits as an EC Coach or Expert.

  • Profile & Placement in the EC Coach & Professional Directory
  • Membership in the EC Mastermind Group
  • Eligible to appear on the Elite Conversation Business Podcast Show
  • 25% off of all EC Video and Editing Services
  • 25% off of all EC Events or Vending Opportunities
  • Eligible to be a Knowledge Academy Workshop Trainer
  • Periodic Social Media Blast To Our Network
  • Access to our Internal Coach Contact Directory
  • Ability to post your events and articles on our website

You will not find a more inclusive and resourceful vehicle for networking and growing your business. Also, you will not find a better community of professionals who are driven and willing to help you grow your business.

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