"The Power of Conversation Drives Business"


Elite Conversations Podcast 

Course Description 

EC Podcast Course Description 

Course Descriptions


                                   Why Is Podcasting Necessary for Your Business?



Course Discussion

  • What is a Podcast?
  • The Consumer Lifestyle
  • The Consumer Purchasing Habits
  • How Can A Podcast Help Your Business?
  • Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Podcast


                                  What Do You Need to Start a Podcast?


Course Discussion

  • Podcast Equipment
  • Podcast Platform/Hosting
  • Ability to Connect with the Audience
  • Podcast Mission & Vision


                                  The Important Features  & Components of a Podcast



Course Discussion                                             

  • Intro
  • Greeting
  • Content
  • Commercials
  • Call-to-Action
  • Close
  • Outro
  • Music
  • Voiceover
  • Graphics
  • Commercials/Ads
  • Video


                                How to Effectively Host a Podcast Guest



Course Description

  • Selecting the Proper Guest
  • Preparing for Your Guest
  • Selecting Questions for Your Guest
  • Interviewing Your Guest Appropriately


                                  Why Content is King



Course Description

  • Selecting Content
  • Repurposing Content
  • Selecting Impactful Questions for Your Guest
  • Leveraging Your Knowledge and Experience
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Content over Accomplishment
  • Knowledge over Entertainment


                                 Business & Podcast Alignment

                                 (Marketing Mastery Session)



Course Discussion                                          

  • The Target Market Matrix
  • Company Info
  • Mission Statement
  • Industry
  • Target Area
  • Products & Services
  • The Target Audience
  • Pain Point Targets
  • Pain Point Solutions


                                Storyboarding For Media Production                               


Course Discussion                                                       

  • Audience Identification
  • Pain Point Identification
  • Podcast Topic
  • Guest Information
  • Sponsor Identification
  • Key Stats & Information
  • Hook
  • Call to Action


                                Marketing Your Podcast                            



 Course Description                           

  • The Unique Selling Proposition of Your Company
  • The Company Mission Statement
  • What Does The Market See When They See You?
  • Who Are You Trying to Reach With Your  Marketing Activities?
  • Competition S.W.A.T. Analysis
  • What Is Your Marketing Mix?


                               Sponsorship & Monetization - Part I    

                               Getting Sponsors For Your Podcast



Course Description  

  • Who Should You Be Targeting as a Sponsor?
  • Attracting Sponsors for Your Podcast
  • Leveraging Your Products and Services to Get Sponsors
  • You Receive Not, Because You Ask Not
  • Creating Value for the Sponsor
  • Understanding the Power of Business Alliances
  • Leveraging Your Relationships and Goodwill


                                Sponsorship & Monetization - Part II   

                                (EC Podcast Host Only)   




Course Description  

  • Services That Will Bring Sponsors Value
  • Creative Packages For Potential Sponsors
  • How Much To Charge For Sponsorships
  • Sponsorship Recruiting
  • EC Requirements for Activating a Sponsor
  • EC Timeline for Sponsor Services
  • EC Podcast Statistics & Demographics
  • EC Community Cross Marketing Sponsorship Program


                                How To Use a Podcast To Monetize Your Business     



Course Description

  • Imposter Syndrome, go for the ask
  • Approprietly Identifying Your Target Market
  • Approprietly Identifying Target Pain Points
  • Why Pain Point Solutions = Money In The Bank
  • Getting Sponsors
  • Promoting Products and Services During Your Podcast
  • Affiliate Marketing


                                How To Maximize Social Media to Blow Up Your Podcast     



Course Description  

  • Tools & Resources
  • Using Social Media to Promote Your Podcast
  • Groups, Forums, Pages, Tags & Hashtags
  • Collaborating with Your Community
  • Why Branding, Trust and Reputation is Important


                                Managing Your Podcast vs. Managing Your Business     




Course Description

  • Cost Comparison
  • Experience
  • Manageing Your Podcast vs. Managing Your Business
  • Technology
  • Operating in Excellence
  • Reputation & Branding Implications

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