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Our Mission

To be the most reliable source for business owners to obtain the knowledge, resources and connections they need to take their business to the next level..



Vision Statement

We aim to be an effective resource that can provide the training, coaching and mentoring to business owners who are in startup mode and need help, or who are challenged in growing their business to the next level.



Our Location

Washington DC Metropolitan Area


Founder & CEO

Darrell C. Spears | @dcspearsallday | dcspears@eliteconversations.com


EliteConversations.com Services

BEC, Business Experience Coaching - Our coaches have an average of 15 years of proven business experience.

EC Premium Media - Video & TV Production, Live Stream, Voiceover, Sizzle Reel, Video Editing, Commercials

Knowledge Academy Workshops - Monthly Business Workshops By Industry Experts

EC Coaches Bureau - Use your expertise to become an EC Coach. Earn Income and get Great Exposure.

MyCoachingNetwork - Get access to hundreds of coaches specifically trained and with years of experience. Only pay for what you need.


Dr. Mildred Charles




The EliteConversations.com Management and Consulting Team has over 50 years of Business Development, Management and Consulting Skills in both Corporate America, Non-Profit and Entrepreneurship

Time, Money and Support

We realize the importance of time for small business owners. Most new businesses start with one or two people that have to do everything for the business. Our goal is to help you better manage and make better use of the limited time you have to run your daily business operation. Not only is time critical, but your financial resources are critical. The cost of doing business grows exponentially and your business grows. The more value that you can get our of every dollar that you spend is of utmost importance. EliteConversations.com is committed to our business clients in four areas, obtaining knowledge, aquiring resources, managing their reputation and obtaining viable business connections.

Coaching and Technical Support Services

It is critical that you surround yourself with professionals with the expertise, character and drive that can help you maximize your potential. Starting with our CEO, Darrell C. Spears who has over 23 years of experience if business development, both in Corporate America and as a Business Owner, we are committed to getting you the coaching and the technical support that you need. Our goal is to bring you not only quality service, but great value through our competitive and bundled pricing structure.

We get to know your first!

We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers first hand. Our intial consultationn with you is to review our "Business Discovery Assessment" process, and how it can help your business strategy process.

Our business discovery assessment looks at every aspect of your business, including: Online Presence, Communication Protocals, Sales Structure and your ability to deliver your product and service.

Upon completion of our assessement, we setup a 3 hour busieness review and consultation with you. We review our findings, go over our recommendation for improvement, and complete a full S.W.O.T. analysis with you and your team. Upon completion of our 3 hour session, you will have the opportunity to decide if you want to use our services, go out and hire someone else, or use the information that we provided you to build your organization from within.

Of course we hope that you will choose to allow us! We would love to service your company and develop a strong realtionship and partnership that can help you take your business to the next level. We have a wealth of references of other clients that we have worked with in the past, and we would be happy to pass those references to you upon request. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at 301-257-5792 or info@eliteconversations.com


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about EliteConversations.com, we look forward to providing you great service and to build the trust that you need to make just first choice for finding quality business related information.

Darrell C. Spears - President & CEO