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Lisa Anderson - Beyond The Plateau: Five Simple Steps To Scale Your Way To A Million Dollar Business

Dr. HL Barner - Let’s Be Honest About MLM/Network Marketing: MLM Fundamentals

Keith Battle - A Second Chance: Grace For The Broken

Jennifer Jones Bryant - Overcoming Personal Challenges To Achieve Personal Success

Kristan Curry Sr. - Turbulence - On The Wings of Faith 

Allison G. Daniels - Walk in Your Authority - Unleashing the Divine Power from Within

Patricia A. Davis - Going Broke Is No Joke

Kathleen Driver - Stepping Stones

Achille Ekeu - 30 Frequently Asked Questions In Business Valuation

Jennifer Foxworthy - Tomorrow My Sunshine Will Come: Memoirs of Women Who Survived Domestic Violence

Linda Griffin - Book Smart: The Ninety-day Guide to Writing and Self-Publishing for Busy Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Corporate Professionals

Tatonya Holman - Release the Debt: Inspirational Testaments of Strength & Purpose 

Marcus Johnson - "FLO" - For the Love Of



Dr. Willie Jolley - A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback

Dr. Willie Jolley - An Attitude of Excellence: How the Best Organizations Get the Best Performance from the Best People

Robert Kennedy III - 7 Ways To Know You Were Meant To Lead

Mel Parker - The Parker Principles: 10 Leadership Force Multipliers

Skip & Beverly Little - So you Think you want to get married?

Dr. Bobby Manning - Saving our Sons: Young Men of Color

Kinite McCrae - I Am A Christian, This Is Why: A Logical Response to the Skeptic

Dr. Essie M. McKoy - The Heart of School Transformation: My Journey into Transforming Urban Schools

Patrick Pete - Discover Your Gift

Ayanna Moo-Young - The Empty Chair - Setting With Forgiveness

Brittan Nicholson - Escaping WallStreet: There is only one way to escape the presence of WallStreet

Dr. Johnny Parker - Turn the Page: Unlocking the Story Within You

Mel Parker - The Parker Principles: 10 Leadership Force Multipliers

Tom Pope - From Incognito Gangster to God: An American Story of Redemption and Restoration

Stan Richards - From the Bus to the Bentley, "No More Limits"

Jacqueline Thompson  The Power of Business Credit: The Step by Step Guide to Building Business Credit



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