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Benefit Descriptions

Benefit Descriptions

Elite Conversation Event Book Store Access – Elite Conversations has events, seminars and conferences throughout the year. This benefit allows you to place your book in our onsite bookstore when we have our events. You have two options under this benefit. You can place your book in our bookstore for free and people who attend the event can buy them out right, or you can register for our Free Book option for $35. This is a great option.

How the free book option works is that for all of our major events we include a free book in the price of our ticket. Each person that pays to attend the event will receive a free vouch for selected books in our book store. Each voucher has a value of $15, so if your book is registered for the Free Book Option, you will receive $15 for every voucher that we receive from an event participant for your book.  At the end of the event, we audit the vouchers turned in, and we return 100% of the book value to you.

Example: If you give us 20 books for our event store and we receive 10 vouchers for your book during our event, you will receive $150, and we will return 10 books to you. It is also possible that we will receive 10 vouchers for your book and sale additional books for you. Many times, our guest will use their free book voucher and by additional books that they like.

It is that simple. You get to sale books, the participant will get some great knowledge from your book, and we add value to our event ticket price. That is how it works at Elite Conversations. We want everyone to win!


Featured Profile - As a Brilliant Mind Member, you will be featured in a special section in our online bookstore. This section will highlight your book, give a brief description of what the book is about and allow individual to purchase the book from Amazon or your personal sales page. Your featured profile will also allow individuals to select your book as their free book for the month and they can also setup and Author chat with you.

Chat with the Author - This is and opt-in option for Brilliant Mind Members. This option will allow you to accept chat request from the public. These chats are strictly designed for individuals who want to discuss the book with you to get clarification or to provide their feedback and support for the book.

All calls are managed and tracked by our staff for the protection of the author. We setup the call and we use our own conference system. We set a scheduled time that is convenient for both the guest and the author. No personal information about the author is given to the guest caller at any time, for any reason. Any calls that we deem not appropriate will be disconnected immediately.

There is a cost to the guest for this call. Once they register, we charge $20 per fifteen minutes. Customers are charged in advanced. We pay 80% of the cost to the author.

Free Book Program - As a Brilliant Mind Member you will be included in our Free Book Program which allows you to earn additional book income each month. How this works is that each one of our Elite Conversations Partner Members receives a free book as a part of their monthly membership fee. As a Brilliant Mind Member, your book will be included in our Featured Authors Section of the book store. This is the only section where members can select their free book. 

Each book in our online book store is valued at $15, so you would have to agree that we can value your book at the same price. As individuals select your free book, we will send you shipping information for the book. We give you 100% of the value of the book. At the end of the month, we will send you a PayPal payment for the total number of your books that were selected by our members.