"The Power of Conversation Drives Business"


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EC Podcast Course Calendar

Course Descriptions


Session I

Why Podcasting Is Necessary for Your Business

Tuesday July 20th - 7:00pm


Session 2

What Do You Need to Start a Podcast?

Thursday July 22nd - 7:00pm


Session 3

How To Effectively Host a Podcast Guest

Tuesday July 27th - 7:00pm


Session 4

The Important Features and Components of a Podcast

Thursday July 29th - 7:00pm


Session 5

Marketing Your Podcast

Tuesday August 3rd - 7:00pm


Session 6

Why Content Is King?

Thursday August 5th - 7:00pm   


Session 7

Business & Podcast Alignment (Marketing Mastery Session)

Tuesday August 17th - 7:00pm


Session 8

Storyboarding For Media Production

Tuesday August 19th - 7:00pm


Session 9

Sponsorship & Monetization - Part I

Tuesday August 24th - 7:00pm



Session 10

Sponsorship & Monetization - Part II

Thursday August 26th - 7:00pm


Session 11

How To Use a Podcast To Monetize Your Business

Tuesday August 31st - 7:00pm


Session 12

How To Maximize Social Media to Blow Up Your Podcast

Thursday  September 2nd - 7:00pm


Session 13

Managing Your Podcast vs. Managing Your Business

Tuesday September 7th - 7:00pm