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Latest Episode

Learn How To Increase Your

Attraction Power Through Your Thoughts

Guest: Gail Keyes-Allen

How Manifestation Principles Can Guide Your Inner Soul Journey

Host: Annette - Kellie - Tatonya - Shankara

The Many Aspects of Manifestation, Let’s Talk About It

Host: Annette  - Kellie  - Tatonya - Shankara 

The Ladies in the e-Lounge are going

Shoe Crazy and talking Wine & Business

Guest: Gwen Hurt

Meet Chef Santana, The Culinary Craftsman

Who Cooks with Heart and Soul

Guest: Santana Burriss

The Mixology Conversation Is Flowing

In the Lounge with Guest Shauntici Renee

Guest: Meet Shauntci Renèe

The Cigar Business & Lifestyle for Movers and Shakers

Host:  Annette  - Kellie - Tatonya  - Shankara 

Money Money Money Diversification of Your Portfolio Recap

Host: Annette Gomes - Kellie J. Walker - Tatonya Holman - Shankara McNair

How To Create A Family Bank To Build Generational Wealth

Guest: Monique Beidleman

Should You Have Bitcoin As Part of Your Investment Portfolio?

Guest: Fred Brandon

How To Leverage Real Estate To Build Generational Wealth

Guest: Candle Lockett

A New Year, New Season and New Vibe!

Host: Annette - Kelly - Shankara - Tatonya

Why Having a Strong Marriage Allows

You to Do Anything You Want to Do

Guest: Lee & Heather Bailey

The Super Powers of a Strong Marriage, Family & Business

Guest: Eric & Tammy Watson

The Importance of Having a Relationship

that Compliments Each Other

Guest: Stan & Chereace Richards

How To Combine Two Driven Personalities

Into Marriage Success and a Strong Team

Guest: Eric and Myrna Jackson

Sister Girls Talking and Reflecting on 2020 Vision

Host: Annette - Kelly - Shankara - Tatonya

Be Kind To Your Body

Guest: Brenda Faust-Thomas

A Front Row Seat to the Life of Ollisteen 'Steen" Miles

A Daughters Journey

Guest: Kellie J. Walker

From Prophecy to Encouragement

Guest: Tanya Lofty

The Power of a Great Grandmother's Legacy

Guest: Michelle Duster

Your Setbacks Are Your Stepping Stones Towards Greater

Guest: Tameka Chapman

The Cookie Business Is Sweet for this Youth Mogul, Cory Nieves

Guest: Cory Nieves

Rickey Wilson Jr. Is Trusting God and the Process

To Grow His Accessory Business

Guest: Rickey Wilson Jr.

Find out how Symphony Smith Is Making

a Splash In The Personal Waxing Industry

Guest: Symphony Smith

Sydnie's Gift of Giving Back

Guest: Sydnie Chandler Monet'

Don't Sit Too Long In Your Hurt, Your Change Is Coming

Guest: Donita Smith

When The Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

Guest: Andre Richardson

Pushing Through The Challenges In The

Travel Business as a Result of COVID-19

Guest: Shankara McNair

Guest: Tatonya Holman

Starting Over From Tragedy to Triumph

How You Like Me Now!!!

Guest: Precious Williams

Tool Up Your Branding with Content Champion

Joan Wilson

Tool Up Your Business with Great

Graphic Design

Guest: Anita Smith

Dreams Really Do Come True!

Guest: Dr. Terrence Ferguson DVM

Guest: Dr. Vernard Hodges DVM

Leading with Faith over Fear

Guest: Rev. Dr. Clement Goodwine

Why Black Mental, Physical and 

Spiritual Fitness Matters

Guest: Carlos Jordan

The State of Mental Health 

For Black Men

Guest: Kevin Jenkins

A Dedication to Black Lives Matter

and Afreican American Men

Annette - Kelly - Shankara - Tatonya

Planning, Preparation and Having

a Written Spending Plan

Guest: Monique Beidleman

As a Business Owner, Are You

On Top of Your Numbers?

Guest: Geena Young

Are You Creating, Producing and Selling?

Dr. Woods Brings It Strong

Guest: Dr. Cheryl Woods

Striving To Past The Test of Life's Experiences

Guest: Alexis Holman

Why Never Giving Up Plays a Big Part

in Achieving Your Dreams

Guest: Nicole Lewis

The Desire To See People Reach

New Heights

Special Guest: Lindria Docket

Seeking Your Purpose and Living

Your Dream

Special Guest: Shaniqua Cousins

The Intro Show

Annette, Kellie, Shankara, Tatonya