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I Am Becoming

Host: Alonda Brooks

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Leaping Into Your Becoming Through Your Pain

Guest: Rev. Dr. Marisha (Lioness Queen)

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Guest: Malik Daronce Daniels

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The Law and Your Business with Bridget Jackson

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How can you level up for 2021 with a Virtual Assistant?

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Your Pain Is Your Gain

The Miconception About Wellness

Guest: Michelle Boulden-Hammond

The Path From Retirement to Entepreneurship

Guest: John Wilson

Skills To Pay The Bills

Guest: Tara Omotosho

The Importance of Making Sure Your Life Is Covered

Guest: Sean Gary

The "Midwife" Shares Her Passion for Helping Others

Guest: Robyn Robbins

From GED to CED

Guest: Carolyn Milton

Becoming Your Image

Host: Alonda Brooks

Accelerating Your Professional Career

Guest: Dr. Jennifer Bryant

How To Win After Trauma

Guest: Recondius Obrien

Becoming Your Brand

Guest: Kenneth Gilbert Jr.

Educating Our Future Leaders

Guest: Dr. Stephanie L. Patton

The Power of Your Becoming Through Your Pen

Guest: Isaiah Bealer

Find Our How Women Are Becoming

Through "Church Girl CEO"

Guest: Deborah Franklin

How Devona's Passion to Empower

Abused Women Turned Into Natalie's Place

Guest: Devona Boone

Are You Networking or Networthing?

Host: Alonda Brooks

Knowing and Understanding Your

Bsiness Credit Worthiness

Guest:  Jerome Belcher

Find Out How to Turn Your Wellness

Into Business Success

Guest: Coach Harvey Johnson

How Jasmine's Becoming Led Her To

Start Sweet Jazz Treats Bakery

Guest: Jasmine N. Davis


Host: Alonda Brooks

The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media

For Small Business Owners

Host: Alonda Brooks

The Rebirth

Host: Alonda Brooks

At the Funeral

Host: Alonda Brooks

Plan The Wake

Host: Alonda Brooks

Mastering The Art of Letting Go

Part II

Guest: Chavonne Wagner, MS, LPC, LCDCIII

Mastering The Art of Letting Go

Part I

Host: Alonda Brooks

The Holding Tank

Host: Alonda Brooks

The Invisible Harvest

Host: Alonda Brooks

The New Normal For Mental 


Guest: Jarrod Washington, MA,LPC

Who Is Driving You?

Host: Alonda Brooks