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We Can Help You Promote Your Event & Earn Extra Income?

We absolutely enjoy working with event planners, sponsors and promoters in creating a unique service for their events. Our goal is to help you maximize exposure and revenue for you events. We work with you to layout a strategic marketing plan and live stream production plan that you can package and sell to vendors, speakers and sponsors of your event. This plan includes our pre-event marketing and sales services, our day-of-event live stream & video production services, and our post event editing and final product productions services.

The great part is that it allows you to increase your revenue potential and adds much more value to individuals who are paying you to attend or vend at your event.

 Service & Product Options

Our services are custom made to fit any event and budget.  We can go from doing the entire marketing campaign management and sales for the EC Live Stream Packages, or we can just come in and provide the live stream and video services at the time of the event and allow your team to manage all other activities.  It's all up to you!

Below are all of the packages related to the EC Live Stream Production Sevices

Pre-Event Service Package - Phase I                                   

  • Create Live Stream Package
  • Create Video Package
  • Develop Pricing
  • Discuss Target Market Strategy
  • Develop Sales Campaign
  • Event Planning
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Event Location Walk Through
  • Event Wi-Fi Testing
  • Create Live Stream Commercials                              



The first phase of our Live Stream & Video Productions service is the "Pre-Event Phase." This is the most critial aspect of our program. This is the time where we sit with the event host or promoter to discuss the event agenda and schedule. We also decide what packages are available to vendors, speakers and sponsors. We explain our services and what to expect during the day of the event.

Once the event is planned out, we discuss the packages that will be offered. We also discuss and decide on what marketing & sales strategy will be used. We will also work with the event host to create a custom pricing structure that will be attractive to their targeted clients. The event host will have the opportunity to purchase our marketing services with the Pre-Event Service Package. If the event host takes responsibility for the marketing and sales, our focus will be strictly on developing the interview schedule and preparing for the live stream and video production.

Event Service Package - Phase II

  • Build Interview Set
  • Setup Lighting
  • Setup Equipment
  • Interview Briefings
  • Setup Live Stream Commercials
  • Produce Red Carpet Interviews
  • Produce Live Stream Interviews
  • Record Videos
  • Run Commercials During Breaks
  • Record Event Activities as Time Allows                         



In Phase II, all of the pre work is done. It's event day!   Our number one goal is to make this day special for the event host, the guest, and the vendors, sponsors and speakers who purchase a Live Stream & Video Package.

Prior to the beginning of the scheduled interviews, we do live stream red carpet interviews with the Event Host, Sponsors & VIP's

Following the Red Carpet Interviews, we begin the scheduled live stream interviews and continue throughout the duration of the event.  In between the interviews, there will be breaks for commercials, and for spontaneous recordings of event activities and speeches.

Note: Included in the pricing for this package is the time needed for the setup and break down of our temporary onsite studio.

Post Event Service Package - Phase III

  • Itemize all video recordings
  • Complete the Event Video Editing
  • Complete the Client Video Editing
  • Transfer of All Videos to Event Host                                   



The third phase of our Live Stream & Video Production Service primarily involves editing. We itemize all of the video from each event, so that we can separate out the client videos from the event videos. Upon completion of itemizing the video, we begin our custom editing process.

We provide basic editing for all of the clients that purchased the video production package. The event host/promoter will receive all of the raw video from the event and have the opporotunity to purchase editing as well.

Upon completion of editing the event and client videos, everything is downloaded and sent to the event host. It will be the responsibility of the event host/promoter to disseminate the video to their clients.