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Just Minding My Black-Owned Business

Host: Lynn Graham

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Tuesday July 7th at 7:00am

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Finding a mental health professional that you can trust and relate to can be difficult - especially
in the black community. There’s often this unspoken feeling that we always have to remain
strong, and this can often hinder us from taking care of ourselves. In fact, it can be hard to even
admit that you need to seek professional help.  My guest today is here to change all of that. 

In this episode, I had the honor of talking to Tomina Ward, the founder and CEO of Black
Therapy Love. After struggling to find a black therapist, Tomina set out to create an app that
would connect the black community to black therapists.   

Tune in to hear all about how and why it’s so important to seek professional help, the biggest
challenge Tomina faced in her career, and the best advice she’s ever received to date. I think
it’ll be the best advice you ever hear too.   

Guest Profile:
Tomina Ward is a 19-year veteran in the Marine Corps, a mental health advocate, and a career
counselor. She is also the founder and CEO of Black Therapy Love, an app that bridges the gap
between clients and mental health clinicians. Black Therapy Love is already receiving amazing
reviews and making an incredible impact in the Black community.    

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Memorable Moments:
* The start of Black Therapy Love [1:25]
* Why it’s difficult to find black therapists [8:05]
* The one thing Tomina wishes she knew before starting her career [14:55]
* The best advice Tomina has ever received [20:10]   

Something Extra:
If you are looking for a group of like minded entrepreneurs to connect with, be sure to check out
the Elite Conversations Business Community 

Other black therapy resources:
* Therapyforblackgirls.com
* Therapyforblackmen.org
* Psychology Today



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