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Are you taking advantage of Mobile Marketing?

by Darrell C. Spears



by Darrell C. Spears - Business Success Strategist & Consultant

As a business owner, getting a competitive edge is everything in growing your business.  Many of us as business owners are using our expensive and high tech phones to communicate and to stay on top of our busy schedules, however study shows that most B2B companies are still not taking full advantage of this key resource for promoting our business and selling our products.

An eMarketer study found that by 2018, a whopping 85.9 percent of spending on online search advertising will be geared to consumers on mobile devices.

Whatever your company does online can also be done on smartphones, which adds portability, location targeting and other cutting-edge technological enhancements to your business marketing mix.

Here are three areas where mobile marketing can be an advantage to your business:

1) Launch an outbound mobile marketing program - Customers will interpret your first mobile campaign as a preview of what’s to come—and, like it or not, they’ll decide right away whether your messages are worth their time. Here is a link to a great source for launching a mobile marketing campaign - http://www.convinceandconvert.com/mobile/a-step-by-step-guide-to-setting-up-a-mobile-marketing-campaign/

2) Encourage fans and followers to download your mobile app - Social media and mobile marketing go hand-in-hand—so why not make it easy for your fans and followers to engage with you via mobile? You can take the guesswork out of downloading your app by promoting it via social media. If you want to learn about how to create a mobile app for your business, this link will take you to a great article in entrepreneur.com to get you started - http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/220448

3) Increase real-time mobile interactions. It’s important to continue growing your program in other ways. Consider creating a mobile marketing voting campaign or text-in survey to engage with customers in real-time. You can also create new mobile-only programs that reward your best customers and reduce churn. This link will take you to an article that can be used as a case study for how creative you can be with mobile marketing. It is an article about how McDonald's used mobile service and billboards drive it's customers into one of it's locations in Malaysia - http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/advertising/18498.html 

Mobile is arguably the closest you can get to the consumer.  There is no other device that is as personal (everybody has their own phone), as pervasive (is with you all of the time), and provides the opportunity for proximity. As marketers seek to understand – and leverage – a consumer’s path to purchase, mobile devices have the potential to be a tremendous enabler.

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