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Sydnie interviews Nick Jr's ‘Santiago of the Seas’ star Alyssa Cheatham

Monday August 9th - 2:00pm

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Filling The Gap with STEM

Guest: Temple Lester

Introducing The Traveling Toddler, Justyn Boumah

Guest: Justyn Boumah

The Power of Legacy In a Name - A talk with Brigadier General Janeen Birckhead

Guest: Brigadier General Janeen L. Birckhead

Nanette & Krystal Have a Focus of

Giving Back Through Their Nonprofit CNK

Guest: Nanette & Krystal Amihere

Operating in God's Perfect Timing Pt2 

An Interview with Chelsea Adinuba

Guest: Chelsea Adinuba

Operating in God's Perfect Timing Pt1 

An Interview with Chelsea Adinuba

Guest: Chelsea Adinuba

Celebrating An Awesome Year for

Perfect Timing with Sydnie Chandler Monet

Host: Sydnie Chandler Monet'

Sydnie & Romeo Talk Life, School and Unpopular Opinions

Guest: Romeo Norris

College Bound Tory Ridgeway Is Representing the Autism Community Well

Guest: Tory Ridgeway

Madison Burns Shares Her Experience as a

Girls Who Rule the World Ambassador

Guest: Madison Nicole Burns

A Mother's Impact

Guest: Nadia Simms, Anah Ambuchi, Jahkil Jackson

Cash Out - How Christon "The Truth"

Is Making Waves in the Stock Market

Guest: Christon "The Truth" Jones

A Fun and Inspirational conversation

with the Girls of Character

Guest: Brooke, Sage, Kaley, Layla

12 year old Brie Suares shares how she manages

as CEO of Sassy Girl Magazine

Guest: Brie Suares

How Fearless Khloe Thompson is Feeding

The Homeless & Educating Her Peers

Guest: Khloe Thompson

Girl Talk...Girl Talk...Girl Talk

Guest: Chloe Bautista

How Nathan Peels Back the Labels to Reveal His Authenticity

Guest: Nathan Todd

North Carolina A&T's Jasmine Amaniampong

Talks College For High School Seniors

Guest: Jasmine Amaniampong

How Young Dylan is Lighting Up the Entertainment Industry

Guest: Young Dylon

Sydnie interviews Nick Jr's ‘Santiago of the Seas’

star Alyssa Cheatham

Singer and Actress Drew Tillman Encourages

Other Youth To Love What You Do

Guest: Drew Tillman

National Film Director Anah Ambuchi

Shares Her Calling to End Colorism

Guest: Anah Ambuchi

Young Alyssia Duda is Making Huge Strides as a

Professional Dancer & Actress

Guest: Alyssia Duda

Dream Hustle Code with Ian Brock is

Getting The Youth Excited About Tech - Pt2

Guest: Ian Brock

Dream Hustle Code Founder Ian Brock

Is Getting The Youth Excited About Tech Pt1

Guest: Ian Brock

14 Year Old Nadia Simms talks Acting

Modeling & Running a Cosmetic Business

Guest: Nadia Simone Simms

How Tamia Coleman-Hawkins is Baking Her

Way to Success as an Entrepreneur

Guest: Tamia Coleman

Find out How Ian McKenna Uses His Gift

For Gardening To Bless Others

Guest: Ian McKenna 

Meet Crochet Genius Jonah Larson

Guest: Jonah Larson

A discussion with young actress Iyonnah Johnson,

about her new TV Series Saving Nina

Guest: Iyonnah Johnson

Meet 9 Year Old Kidpreneure and Philanthropist Tyler Stallings

Guest: Tyler Stallings

Why Jahkil Jackson Make Helping The Homeless a Priority

Guest: Jahkil Jackson

Ending Season One with Authenticity, Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Host: Sydnie Chandler Monet'

Lexi P Shares How She Started Her Curly Girls

Hair Care Business

Guest: Lexi Proctor

You're Not Too Young To Learn About Voting and Get Involved

Guest: Charles County Youth for Change Collaborative

Aleseia's Faith & Determination to beat Cancer & Save Her Daughter

Guest: Aleseia Saunders

The Hurd Girls See a Bright Future In Entertainmet

Through Fun and Hard Work

Guest: Melody Hurd - Actress, Dancer, and Personality

Guest: Lyric Hurd - Actress, Dancer, Runway, and Print Model

Chelsea shares her passion for Pageantry

Sports and Helping The Disabled

Guest: Chelsea Chambers

The Artform of Dance & Music and It's

Impact on the Mind, Body & Soul

Guest: Julie Kent

Trinity Jagdeo shares her passion as a 

Champion for the Special Needs Community

Guest: Trinigy Jagdeo

Voices of the Future Moving Forward Toward 

Success and Without Compromise

Guest: Nyeeam Hudson

Everything You Need To Prepare Your 

Kid for Virtual Learning

Guest: Ayesha Mosley

13 Year Old India Alston is Making a Splash

with her T-Shirt Business

Guest: India Alston

Youth Entrepreneur Makes An Impact with

Stationary Black LLC

Guest: Kennedy Dumas

The Impact of a Mother's Love & Support

Guest: Yvette Collins

Young Entrepreneur Building a Legacy

Through Youth Leaders In Training

Guest: Carmen Harris

James Jobson-Larkin Shares His Experience

and Love For The Arts

Guest: James Jobson-Larkin

The Impact of COVID-19 on Teenagers

Guest: Dr. Howard M. Haft

How Faith is changing the world through

Art, Activism, and Inspiring others

Host: Faith Blackstone

Sydnie shares her thoughts on 

the important topics of the day

Host: Sydnie Chandler Monet'

Justice Flora Shares His Passion for Engineering

Community Service and Academics

Guest: Justic Flora

What inspired Colbie McAllister to

write his first book at the age of 10?

Guest: Colbie McAllister

The Venkat Sisters Are Making The

World Better Through Kindness

Guest: Shreyaa Venkat

Guest: Esha Venkat

How To Put Yourself In The

Position To Be a Straight "A" Student

Guest: Joy Agwu

Jordan Harrison Shares Her Achievements

and Boarding School Experience

Guest: Jordan Harrison

The Intro Show

Host: Sydnie Chandler Monet'