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EC Podcast Media Host

Host: Antionette Blake - Social Media Manager

Podcast: Out & About with Antionette Blake

Expertise: Relationship - Media - Blogger

Target Audience: Event Planners | Entrepreneurs | Bloggers

Primary Market: Delaware

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Host: Joe Morgan, Russ Gordon, James Boone

Podcast: Inside The Armor

Expertise: Mentoring | Men's Discipleship | Ministry | Personal Development

Target Audience: Boys | Young Adult Men | Men

Primary Market: Maryland

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Host: Keji Ogunleye 

Podcast: 360 Diaspora Experience

Expertise: Real Estate Agent | Investor | Financial Coach

Target Audience: People and Families from the African Diaspora

Primary Market: Washington DC Metro Area

Podcast Release Time: Thursday's at 1200pm

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Host: Dr. Valerie Brown-Baul

Podcast: From Concept to Reality 

Expertise: Leadership - iAm Coaching Services

Target Audience: Professionals | Youth Leaders | Entrepreneurs

Primary Market: Baer, Delaware

Podcast Release Time: Mondays at 8:00am

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Host: Zanetta Rogers

Podcast: Legacy Game Changers 

Expertise: Finance & Money Management

Audience: Men, Women, Families, Workers

Primary Market: Baltimore, Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Wednesdays at 5:00pm

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Host: Marcus Johnson

Podcast: The FLO Podcast 

Expertise: Entrepreneur | Adjunct Professor | Award Winning Jazz Artist | Life Coach

Audience: Professionals | Entrepreneurs | C-Suite | Managers | Leaders

Primary Market: Washington DC, Metropolitan Area

Podcast Release Time: Saturday at 12:00pm

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Host: Charlotte Van Horn - CEO at Locks4Ever

Podcast: Sisters Talking Natural Hair & Business

Expertise: Business Coach for Hair Care Owners

Audience: Women | Hair Care Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Primary Market: Virginia | Panama

Podcast Release Time: Tuesdays at 6:00pm

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Host: Pamela Burkett-Jones

Podcast: Taking The Lead 

Expertise: Career Strategist | Transition Coach

Audience: First Responders | Retirees | Professionals

Primary Market: La Plata, Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Thursdays at 7:00pm

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Host: Coach Harvey Johnson

Podcast: The Healthy Side of Business

Expertise: Health | Wellness | Nutrition | Fitness

Audience: Business Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Primary Market: DC, Maryand, Virginia

Podcast Release Time: Tuesdays at 4:00pm

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Host: Michelle Boulden-Hammond

Podcast: Upfront Mind, Body & Soul

Expertise: Life Coaching For Overall Health Mind, Body and Spirit

Audience: Women - Professionals - Small Business

Primary Market: Easton, Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Thursday at 6:00pm

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Host: Tracy Horton

Podcast: Take My Life To 10!

Expertise: Corporate Professional | Certified Life & Career Strategist | Speaker

Audience: Women - Men - Professionals - Singles

Primary Market: Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Friday at 7:00pm

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Host: Dr. Celeste Owens

Podcast: The Surrender Breakroom For Leaders

Expertise: Certified Natural Health Professional

Audience: Leaders - Professionals - Survivors of Trauma

Primary Market: DC, Maryand, Virginia

Podcast Release Time: Mondays at 8:30pm

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Host: Darrell C. Spears

Podcast: Strategy

Expertise: Business Development - Financial Management

Audience: Leaders - Entrepreneurs - Small Business Startups

Primary Market: DC, Maryand, Virginia

Podcast Release Time: Wednesdays at 7:00pm

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Host: Sydnie Chandler Monet'

Podcast: Perfect Timing

Expertise: Youth Leadership - Speaker

Audience: Youth - Students - Families - Parents - Teachers

Primary Market: Indian Head, Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Mondays at 2:00am

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Host: La Onque Chavette

Podcast: Sounding The Alarm

Expertise: Writer - Self Defense - Home & School Security

Audience: Families - Women - School & Church Leaders - Students

Primary Market: Williamstown, New Jersey

Podcast Release Time: Tuesdays at 6:30

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Host: Vonette Wright

Podcast: The Hand That You Have Been Dealt

Expertise: Personal Development Coach & Educator

Audience: Rebound Relationship Coach

Primary Market: Waldorf, Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Fridays at 4:00pm

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Host: Dana Johnson & Monica James

Podcast: Hype Beauty, Hair, Skin & Fitness

Expertise: Beauty, Skin & Hair Products & Services

Audience: Men & Women Interested In Hair & Skin Care

Primary Market: Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Saturdays at 1:00pm

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Host: Dr. Essie McKoy

Podcast: Dr. Essie Speaks Education

Expertise: Transformational Leader - School Administration

Audience: Parents - School Administrators - Teachers - Students

Primary Market: Stafford, Virginia

Podcast Release Time: Sundays at 5:30pm

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Host: Donata D. Mooring

Podcast: Rest Leads To Revenue 

Expertise: Sleep Specialist

Audience: Adults with Sleep & Rest Challenges

Primary Market: Baltimore, Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Fridays at 8:00am

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Host: Alonda Brooks

Podcast: iAm Becoming

Expertise: Cosmetologist - Millennial Business Coach

Audience: Millennials, Young Adults

Primary Market: Cinncinati, Ohio

Podcast Release Time: Sundays at 3:00pm

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Host: Annette Gomez, Kellie J Walker, Shankara McNair, Tatonya Holman

Podcast: Entrepreneur's Elevation Lounge

Audience: Entrepreneurs

Primary Market: DC, Maryand, Virginia

Podcast Release Time: Wednesday at 7:30pm

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Host: Lynn Nicole

Podcast: Just Minding My Black Owned Business

Expertise: Marketing | Black Business Directory

Audience: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals

Primary Market: Denver, Colorado

Podcast Release Time: Tuesday's at 7:00am

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Host: Precious Williams

Podcast: Pitch My Ass Off

Expertise: Pitching, Speaking, Pitch Coach

Audience: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals

Primary Market: New York City, New York

Podcast Release Time: Sunday's at 5:00pm

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Host: Maria Hester

Podcast: The Moxie Marketer

Expertise: Marketing | Branding | Video Marketing

Audience: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals

Primary Market: Columbia, Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Thursday's at 9:00am

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Host: Shavon J. Smith

Podcast: Tell Me About The Hard Part

Expertise: Business Attorney & Strategist

Audience: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals

Primary Market: Washington, DC

Podcast Release Time: Wednesday's at 10:00am

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Host: Sandra Chaney

Podcast: The Profit In Non Profit

Expertise: Non Profit Startup | Grant Writing | Non Profit Management

Audience: Individuals Who Need Non Profit Consulting & Coaching

Primary Market: Annapolis, Maryland

Podcast Release Time: Thursdays at 9:00am

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Host: Allison G. Daniels

Podcast: The Author's Lab

Expertise: 3X Bestselling Author|Writing Coach Speaker|Publisher

Audience: Aspiring Authors | Readers | Writers

Primary Market: DC, Maryand, Virginia

Podcast Release Time: Tuesdays at 7:00pm

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Host: LaCrecia Williams

Podcast: Envision The Possible 

Expertise: Business Development | Certified Holistic Coach

Target Audience: Corporate | Startup Owners | C-Suite

Primary Market: DC, Maryand, Virginia

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Host: JoAnna Seda

Podcast: Envision The Possible 

Expertise: Personal Development | Certified Holistic Coach

Target Audience: Small Business | Startup Owners | C-Suite

Primary Market: DC, Maryand, Virginia

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Host: Jennifer Jones Bryant - Career Elevation Strategist 

Podcast: Empowerment Journey 

Expertise: Career Transition Coach

Target Audience: Professionals In Transition | Women

Primary Market: DC, Maryand, Virginia

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Host: Valerie Ashford Brown

Podcast: Women Boldly Living

Expertise: Transition Coach | Equity & Inclusion Champion

Audience: Leaders, Professionals In Transition, Women

Primary Market: Pomfret, Maryland

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Host: Tonia Morris

Podcast: On The Move

Expertise: DE&I Consultant | Leadership Development

Audience: Leaders, C-Suite Coaching, Corporations

Primary Market: Atlanta,Georgia

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Host: Fredrick Douglass Clark, DDS

Podcast: The Dentist Is In The House

Expertise: Dentist and Oral Doctor

Audience: Adult & Youth 

Primary Market: Oxon Hill, Maryland

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Host: Brittan Nicholson

Podcast: The Writers Circle

Expertise: Book Writing - Book Cover Design

Audience: Aspiring Writers

Primary Market: Queens, New York

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Host: Antionette Blake - Social Media Manager

Podcast: Blog Your Way To a Business Profit 

Expertise: Marketing | Blogging | Social Media

Target Audience: Professionals | Entrepreneurs | Bloggers

Primary Market: Delaware

Podcast Release Time: Wednesdays at 1:00pm

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