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Sounding The Alarm

Host: LaOnque Chavette

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To Own or Not to Own

Guest: Babs, Donita, and Churisse

The Fitness in Self Defense & Firearms

Guest: Coach Harvey Johnson

Sounding The Alarm - Situational Awareness

Guest: Pamela Burkett-Jones

Kid's Firearm Safety

Guest: Ronald Sippio, Jr.

How to Avoid being a Soft Target

Guest: Tieesha Monet Essex

The Stigma of Black Gun Ownership

Guest: Stephanie Marie

A Survivor Story, The DC 

Navy Yard Mass Shooting - Part II

Guest: Mary Walburn Pearson

A Survivor Story, The DC 

Navy Yard Mass Shooting - Part I

Guest: Mary Walburn Pearson

Armed Deacons Strapped In

The Church New York

Guest: Reverend Donald E. Butler

Being Aware and Prepared for Danger

is a Lifelong Process

La Onque Chavette

Woke Up This Morning Got Myself a...

La Onque Chavette

Responsibility To Report

Guest Expert: Debra Stokes-White

Firearms Fow Women

Guest Expert: Jerome Kee

The Role of the EMT in an

Active Shooter Event

Guest Expert: David Williams

Armed Deacons Strapped In

The Church

Guest Expert: Dan Spencer

Raise Up A Child

Guest Expert: Nathaniel Brown III

Self Defense &

Smart Weapons Training

Guest Expert: Stephen Grouch

The Introduction Show

La Onque Chavette