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Host: Pamela Burkett-Jones

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Podcast Archives

Your Circle

Host: Pamela Burkett-Jones

Journey to Creating a Successful

Nonprofit Business

Host: Dedra Spears-Johnson

Taking Control Beyond Perceived Limits

Guest: Kat Taylor

Positioning Yourself For a Successful

Career Search

Guest: Crystal Barrow

Seizing This Time To Take A

Proactive Approach To Your Career

Guest Expert - Richard Drosin

How To Spark Your Creative


Host: Pamela Burkett- Jones

Parenting During a Crisis

Guest: Carol Muleta

Transitioning to a Greater Purpose

Guest: Baron Warren

Maintaining Mental Wellness

During COVID-19

Guest: Erica Reed, LCSW-C

A Good Night of Rest Can Do Wonders

for Your Well-Being

Guest: Donata D. Mooring

Are You Ready for An Awakening of Wellness?

Guest: Tracie Harrison

The Importance of Physical Self-Care Over 40

Guest Expert: David Tinsley

Recognizing Your Zone of Operation

Pamela Burkett-Jones

Why This is the Best Time to Reduce Debt?

Guest Expert: Tina Smith

Don't Just Make the Money, Protect the Money

Guest Expert: Tayvon Jackson

The Freedom Through Financial Literacy

Guest Expert: Meechie Jefferis

What Do You Do When You Are Faced With Defeat?

Guest Expert: Marques Ogden

Estate Planning 101, Is Your House In Order?

Guest Expert: Reed Sherman

Trust The Process

Pamela Burkett-Jones

Be My Valentive

Guest Experts: James & Cynthia Greene

Radical Career Change To Fullfill My Purpose

Guest Expert: Georgette Littlejohn

Successful Tips for Individuals 45 & Older, In The Job Market

Guest Expert: William W. Craig III

How To Prepare To Crush Your Job Interview - Part I

Guest Expert - William Craig III

All About The Resume - Identifying Transferable Skills

Guest Expert - Richard Drosin

Making A Shift For Change

Pamela Burkett-Smith

From Homicide Detective to Full-Time Entrepreneur

Guest - Mitch Credle

An Introduction of the Taking The Lead Podcast

Pamela Burkette-Jones