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The Story Behind The Brand

My Conversation Matters

The Story That Ignites MCM

This company is dedicated to the Mini Robinson-Newkirk's of the world. She was a mother from Magnolia North Carolina. A mother that raised 5 strong girls on less than $.25 a day. She worked in the fields all day in the scorching heat of North Carolina picking tabaco and corn and other crops. She was a mother that had big dreams that one day her daughters would grow up and have the ability to leave the hard life that she endured daily. Growing up in a home with no running water and no bathroom, having little to no transportation to get around, and dealing with the racism of the South, she was determined to keep going, have faith in God, and to pray for change for her daughters.

In later years, my mother, Emma Newkirk sacrificed her opportunities as a school basketball start to head North to Washington DC. She found work in DC working at the Washington Senators baseball games, and later working for Marriott. She was able to save and earn enough money to bring her mother out of North Carolina to escape the tough life that she endured. Mini Robinson-Newkirk had very little education, so when she arrived in Washington, she took on jobs to cook, clean homes and washing clothes for wealthy families. She would travel from Northeast Washington to Chevy Chase Maryland by bus to work every day. As often as she could, her daughter Emma would go with her to help clean, iron and cook to make the job easier for her.

In future years, all 4 of her daughters were able to come to Washington DC to live and build a good life for themselves. One daughter passed away early in her life due to health complications. Emma went on to have an outstanding 30-year career working for the Federal Government.

Through all the tough times, Mini Robinson-Newkirk never lost hope for her family, and most importantly, never lost faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. She was never rich in material things, but she was wealthy in her faith and relationship in God. Many of her conversations were never shared with the world, but they were very power to her family and especially to me. She was skilled in the word of God and was a prayer warrior for her family. She is the rock that my family is built on, and I miss her powerful words every day.

So, I salute all the Mini Robinson-Newkirk's of the world. I know that there are many of you out there, and we stand on your shoulders. There have been many men and women that have held it down, remained faithful in God and prayer, and have been the rock for the family. You may not be known by the world, but we promise never to forget what you sacrificed for us.

Now we have the power to use what we have learned from you to share our conversations with the world!

My hope and dream is that the MCM will grow to be a significant movement that will help to keep the flame lit, and to build an even bigger legacy for the future of our families to come.


Darrell C. Spears

Grandson of Mini Robinson-Newkirk

Darrell C. Spears

CEO at Elite Conversations