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You're in Business! It's Time to Get Stepping

By Darrell C. Spears

July 2018

You're in Business! It's Time to Get Stepping

CEO Darrell C. Spears - Business Success Strategist & Consultant

As a new business owner, don’t get sucked in, believing that you have this great idea that is going to just blow up and make you a lot of money in a short period of time. Yes, it has happed, but the percentage of it happing for you is small.

There is not one big event or achievement that is going to propel you into and overnight sensation and have you sitting on the beach drinking out of pineapples. If you are successful, it most likely will be because of your ability to be consistent in taking a step by step approach in building your process, and systems. You have to put in the work every day. Things like making cold calls, tracking your daily performance, asking your customers for feedback, consistent team meetings and communication are just some of the actions that need to happen in a step by step process.

If you are consistent in taking steps towards your goal on a daily bases, you will be amazed at your progress after just a few months. As a new business owner, things can look daunting at times, and it is. But the winners keep pushing regardless of the obstacles and regardless of size of the obstacles. But there is a very powerful resource that can inspire you to push forward.

In 2002 Huey and his dog, Cosmo, embarked on a walk across America. The journey lasted 154 days and covered 3,349 miles. There was no media coverage. They walked every step. Carrying only one camera and a lens that Huey used to document the places and people they met along the way.

Can you imagine how many steps it took to walk 3,349 miles! I wonder how many times Huey got tired and faced obstacles along the way. There is no doubt in my mind that he was challenged. However, the story also says that he met people along the way. I don’t know for sure, but I am confident many of the people that he came in contact with supported and encouraged him in his journey.

That’s it! Your resource for strength and inspiration are people, your relationships both internally and externally can give you the push that you need to continue to take steps towards your goals. Not just any relationship, but having people who will encourage you and hold you accountable. They will push you to keep going.

Isolation and dependency on self has killed a lot of businesses, and will continue to do so. Asking for help is not a sin. Asking for help and giving people that you trust, the authority to get in your face and challenge you every day is the accountability and the support that you will need.

This may seem easy for some, but may be a challenge for others. Sometimes the problem is not finding people who are willing to speak into your life. The challenge sometimes is you allowing them access into your life. Allowing them to know about your weaknesses, vulnerabilities and mistakes that you have made in business and in your like. That’s a whole new article in itself, but transparency and allowing trusted people in your space is critical step that many successful business owners will say is needed to push forward.

I also challenge you to set tasks that are achievable for yourself every day. Write down your task and goals every day, and execute. Writing down you daily schedule and task is huge because it will not only keep you focused and moving forward, it will help you to minimize the wasted steps that we (business owners) take because of life’s distractions.

I am sure that Huey had a map and a game plan for the route that he would take across America. But what if he didn’t? What if he woke up every day without a plan and just said that I am just going to walk east. Do you think that he would have made it in 154 days? I don’t either, so make sure that you have your game plan in place, it will keep you focused and help you to be as efficient as possible each day. It will save you steps, time and money. 

So make every day count and not too far in the distant future you are going to look back and be amazed at your progress.

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